The Cycle - Devlog 09

The first thing I did for this session of work was to replace all the conversation data with data from a JSON file. The reason for this was pretty simple.

  1. All the data will be centralised to one location to make editing easier
  2. Localisation, I am able to write content for different language and easily switch out the content on the fly
  3. And most importantly, why not.

This change was pretty simple, I created a Singleton called ConversationData which loads in the content when the game starts and I expose some helper methods to pull out the content as needed.


As part of this JSON system I decided to write the content for the different trigger points. Since I already wrote a bit of the content already, this was a easy copy and paste job however, there was a few missing pieces that I needed to fill in.

Once the player gets into the camp, I present three red crosses which will be the choice that the player needs to make. Only one of these choices in correct, you'll need to choose wisely. This was pretty easy to implement, I added a pressed connection on each of the buttons to the Tribe state and displayed specific content to the player using the JSON system mentioned before. I still need to add in the win/lose states, but those will be done soon.

The first island is pretty much done, once I have all the islands in and the game can be played through, I'll go back and add in music and other sound effects to make everything feel a bit more alive.