The Cycle - Devlog 06

This devlog will be really short. Had a full day doing my actual job. Opened Unity and expanded the first island... I know I said I was done for now... I lied.

As I was working today I thought it would be good to expand the first area to reveal a few puzzle hints and lore pieces before getting to the puzzle area. It also adds a small bit of "build up" for skull mountain. When I updated the map and played again, the occlusion culling from yesterday was a bit messed up, so I had to fix that. All I had to do was bake things again.

And that is about it... hopefully tomorrow night will be a bit more exciting than this.

I have decided to get some formal training so I signed up for a short game dev course, which will hopefully help with my code structure and my game design thinking. More about that in a much later devlog.