The Cycle - Devlog 05

Last night I watched a video about Polybrush, and since it is now Sunday, I thought I'd have a nice chill day. Test out this package and continue working on the first island. I have some ideas on how to make it look half okay and I want to play around with some Post-Processing effects as well to make everything look noice and pretty.

... importing polybrush is currently bricking my macbook ...

After polybrush was done killing my laptop, I started placing some trees, grass and pebbles. I must say, that was a lot easier than placing all those assets by hand. I was able to use the Scatter Prefabs on meshes feature to load up my different decorations and just paint those prefabs throughout the scene, super easy.

One downside though, since I am drawing these prefabs on a mesh instead of a terrain, I am unable to take advanced of the Wind Zones to give my trees and grass some sway. I know I can use shaders to achieve it, I tried following a Brackeys tutorial but after applying it to my grass it completely disappeared... We'll come back to it, at the moment I think it is fine.

I wanted to get some better looking mountains and rocks for my scene. I went on the asset store and found a really cool package called Low Poly Free Vegetation Kit, which I must say, is awesome! The assets are really good quality, and looks a lot more realistic but still matches the low poly style. It does mean that I might be redoing all the polybrush placements very soon, since the tree that they provide looks a LOT better than the ones in the prototype pack.

After I used those assets to build up my Skull Mountain, I know, very orignal. I wanted to play around with some Post Processing effects. Nothing was looking that great until, I removed the Environment Fog. The fog was washing everything out and I think adding in a custom fog particle that can be a bit more subtle and the added movement of the particles will be a lot better.

I do still want to find a better skybox, the current one is still a bit too dark for what I want. Definitely want to keep with the same overcast night style though.

Although, I think that is all I am going to do at the moment. Going to grab some food and nice cup of tea and go die in Hades over and over again. Maybe I should add a "Hades death counter" to this site.

I died several times, BUT, I got to this final boss for the first time so yay.


Skull Mountain

skull mountain

This is before I am changing the trees, so that changes of this screen being out of date the second this page goes live is 100%.

I decided not to change them, I'll need to update the prefab colliders to stop the player for walking into the leaves, and I can't be bothered doing that at this stage.

Instead I added some more rocks and mushrooms from the vegetation pack. One element of this level that still kinda looks terrible is the floor. I need to go and find some dirt/grass texture to use here. Currently it looks too flat and shiny.

I managed to find some different ground textures that seem to do the trick at this stage. Next up will be adding in various light sources to light up the path for the player as they make their way through the first part of the island. The first section has a narrow walkway surrounded by trees, which then opens up to where the tribe village will be.

After adding in the torches and getting the particles to emit light, I say a pretty big drop in FPS. I should definitely turn down the amount of light the torches and spawn but I also decided to enable occlusion culling, which is super easy in Unity and BOOSTED the FPS back up to ~90. Now I am in a dev build on a 2017 macbook so I am sure the game will run after above that when it launches. Here is what happens when you bake your scene for occlusion culling.

occlusion culling

As you can see a large part of the map is not rendering which is kinda what you want for something that isn't in the players view.

That was all I wanted to do for today. I will want to add in the fog and rain effects I keep mentioning, but I think that will have to wait a bit, hopefully tomorrow I will write some more code around the interaction & journal system. Slowly but surely making my way to writing the first puzzle for this island. This first week has been mainly a warm up and getting back into game dev after a couple of months of doing nothing.