The Cycle - Devlog 02

Pushing pixels

I continued my trend of delaying any work by spending some time working on the layout of the main island. The main pieces were the island hills boundary to hide the small terrain, a dock with the player boat that acts as a "hub" to change between islands. And finally, moving some of the nature assets to the scene to see what they look like.

More planning

Another thing I did today during lunch and in between meetings, is planning the island puzzle. At this stage I have a good idea for what I want to do, next I need to think about how that will look as gameplay. One important part of this puzzle will be some lore around different in world symbols that will be present across the different islands. At this stage, I am not sure if I want to introduce a "journal" to keep track of these symbol meanings or integrate it into the map that the player will use to move between islands.

Some code

Finally I tried to get the character to rotate as a player moves their mouse... lets just say that did not work... at all so I will revist that later.