The Cycle - Devlog 01



The Cycle (name is a WIP) was a concept I built for a Game Jam about story writing for developers who suck at story writing. I fit the bill, so I wrote a very short interactive story about a mysterious map that leading the founder to some islands where shit goes down.

After recently playing the game again (never fully finished it for the Jam), I kinda liked the concept and I am now working on expanding the prototype to something a bit for fleshed out. It will still be a short experience, 30 minutes - an hour if I am lucky, and will have a heavy focus on atmosphere and of course, the story.

Project setup

I'm not going to lie, my art skills is probably is worst thing ever and has stopped me previously from continuing my games. This time I decided to spend a small bit of $$$ ($7 AUD to be specific) and by the Prototype Pack from Synty Store.

So, after setting up my Unity project and importing the assets, I created a scene and laid out all the art to see and easily pick out what I want to use and when. This took a while and I am sure there was an easier way to do it, but you live and learn.

I was able to lay out all the assets but there isn't any organisation to them, kinda just a free for all. However, I still think this is better than just looking at the names of the prefabs.


I also spent some time sketching out the first island, because I know the story outline and the events of each island, I spent some time thinking about the scene layout, required assets and events that could trigger based on the users interactions.

Another part of some of these islands will be small puzzles. I will need to spend some time thinking about the puzzles as with the Jam game, the puzzles were fairly simple "Riddle + Multiple" choice puzzles. However, moving the game into a 3D space with the player being able to control a character, I can hopefully do something a bit more interactive.